A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms. Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms. They can also contain recognizable images that carry meaning for the person who is creating it. In essence, mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Designing your own mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic.

          The best thing about designing your own mandala is that you have the freedom to choose whatever shapes and colors that you feel express your sense of self and your view of reality. Your mandala is yours, and you have the freedom to use your creativity to create a mandala drawing that is uniquely you. Once you know the basic steps of how to draw a mandala, you can try now new designs and new colors each time you draw a new mandala.

Below is our 1st method of Mandala Grid Construction. Have a look and let me know your thoughts.

Method 1:

Materials needed:

  • Any Drawing sheet
  • Pro-circle or Protractor
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser 

Step 1: Finding the midpoint of the drawing sheet.

For that measure the length of the paper and mark the centre point, now draw a horizontal line passing through that centre point.
Again, place the ruler on the line drawn and mark the centre point. And thats the perfect midpoint of the drawing sheet!

Step 2: Making angular divisional markings.

If using a 360 degrees pro-circle, place it on the midpoint of the paper ( where 0 and 180 degrees touches both the sides of the horizontal line drawn) and do make a very light marking at every 10 degrees (any degrees like 15 or 20 degrees interval can also be marked as per your choice)
for the entire 360 degrees.
If using a 180 degrees Protractor, place it on the midpoint of the paper and do make a marking at every 10 degrees for the entire 180 degrees and repeat the same process again for the other half of the paper.

Step 3: Drawing concentric circles using compass.


Concentric Circles: Two or more circles which have the same centre point.
Insert a pencil in compass and measure 1cm of radius using ruler. Draw the 1st inner circle by placing one end of the compass at the midpoint of the paper.
Repeat the same process and draw circles just by increasing the radius until the desired grid size is reached.
(Concentric Circles can be drawn without measurements also by adjusting the compass approximately)
And here is our final Mandala Grid ready to play with patterns now!!

Method 2: 

Materials Needed:

  •  Any Drawing sheet
  •  Compass
  •  Pencil
  •  Ruler
  •  Eraser

Step 1:

Find the midpoint of the drawing sheet.(Refer Step 1 in method 1  )

Step 2:

Draw a vertical line passing through the midpoint.


Step 3:

Using a compass draw the 1st inner circle with any radius ( Here I have taken 1 cm)

Step 4:

Now there are 4 points, where the circle and lines are meeting.

Step 5:

Consider those 4 points as midpoint and draw 2 arcs from each point on both the sides of the lines using compass as shown in the figure.

Step 6:

The meeting point of arcs forms 4 new points, join those points passing through the midpoint of the paper using a ruler.

Step 7:

Again, draw the 2nd concentric circle with any radius and from the 8 new points repeat the same process of drawing arcs and joining those arcs with lines.

Step 8:

Draw extra concentric circles if required using compass.
Ta-Da!! Now our grid is ready to create the therapeutic art!!

Method 3: 

Materials Needed:

  • Any Drawing sheet
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Different sizes of circular bowls /bangles/ bottle caps.

    Step 1:

    Find the midpoint of the drawing sheet and also draw a vertical line in it (refer method 2, step 1 and step 2). 
    Now the drawing sheet is divided into 4 equal parts.
    Step 2:
    Draw 2 perpendicular lines passing through the midpoint of the drawing sheet (as shown in the figure).
    Now the drawing sheet is divided into 8 equal parts.

    Step 3:

    Again, draw 4 perpendicular lines in between each part of the sheet passing through the midpoint respectively. 
    Now the drawing sheet is divided into 16 equal parts.

    Step 4:

    Finally, draw concentric circles with different sizes of bowls, bangles or bottle caps available.
    Thats it!!! here is our grid to create our mandala!!!
    We will learn about drawing a Simple Mandala using the above created GRIDs in our next BLOG.

    Also, Coloring mandalas can help center your mind while nurturing your soul. If you want some attractive Mandalas to color and have fun, check out our coloring book collections below:

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