Do you love reading books and creating your own page savers for your favorite novels? Making bookmarks traditionally can be cumbersome because it involves lots of processes like finding the right sheets, cutting them up perfectly to achieve the exact dimensions and by the time you get to the fun part of decorating your bookmark, your workspace is already a total mess and your hands are sticky from all the glue and what not! This is precisely why we have carefully handcrafted the ultimate Bookmark Pads! Zen Sangam’s Expert Watercolor Pads , Gouache Pads and Black Sheets come in 3 different dimension variants and are the best Pre-Cut Glued Bookmark Sheets which make your DIY time more fun and less chaotic! Here are 5 Amazing Ways for you to create unique and beautiful bookmarks using Zen Sangam’s Bookmark Sheets!

  • Writing Quotes! 

This is one of the simplest and meaningful ways to create your own bookmark! You could paint the background with your favourite colours and write or stick a quote that you hold close to your heart

 Zen Sangam - Bookmark - DIY - Bookmark Pads

  • Illustrated Bookmarks! 

Our Bookmark sheets are of 300 GSM and are most suitable for painting using Watercolours, Gouache, Acrylics, Poster Colors and even Tempera Paints! You can create miniature versions of your favourite paintings and use these bookmarks that are unique to you!

Zen Sangam - Bookmark - Bookmark Sheets - Gouache

  •  Mini Journaling! 

Another interesting and fun way to decorate your bookmarks is to add embellishments, stickers, buttons, sequins etc. and make it a collage that speaks volumes about your style of work and your personality!

Zen Sangam - Expert Bookmark Pad - Bookmark - DIY Crafts

  •  Pattern Bookmarks! 

If you love symmetry and all things precise, you could try painting patterns on your Bookmark Sheet and maybe even achieve this by sticking your favourite Washi tapes carefully! Looking at geometric things surely does bring a lot of calm and this could be a bookmark that serves multiple purposes! (Image Courtesy: Craftgawker) 

Zen Sangam - Washi Tape - DIY Bookmark

  • Shape it Up! 

In case you love creating vibrant and popping bookmarks, you can paint them up and fold them to form animal faces, heart shapes or even something as abstract as tea cups! Just a little Origami will certainly do the trick! (Image Courtesy: Itsalwaysautumn)

 Zen Sangam - Bookmark - Origami - Easy DIY

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and now feel inspired to create your own bookmarks! Check this link to purchase Zen Sangam’s Bookmark Pads and get the fun started!