Zen Sangam Artists' Canvas Pad - 100% Cotton / Premium Canvas Board

Rs. 348.25 Rs. 367.50

Key Features

Canvas Type: Canvas Pad

Color : Natural White

Material : 100% Cotton 2mm Hard Board

Texture : Medium Grain

Available Sizes : 6x6 inch, 6x8 inch, 8x10 inch, 10x12 inch, 12x16 inch

Orientation: Landscape

Additional Feature : Acid Free and Double Acrylic Gesso Primed

Recommended Mediums

Acrylics, Oil Paints, Poster Paints, Chalk Paints, Fluid Art, Gouache

  • 100% Cotton Canvas Pad with backing that is ideal for Acrylics and Oil Paints, Gouache - Premium Finish - 10 Sheets.
  • PERFECT TEXTURED SURFACE - Durable Surface with Medium Grain texture that is Ideal for heavy media like Acrylics and Poster Colour Paintings. Compact and sturdy to use.
  • ACID-FREE & NATURAL WHITE SHADE - Rich and Pigmented Reproduction of Colors that allow you to create vibrant Acrylic Paintings.
  • VERSATILE and EASY TO HANDLE - Suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Artists.
  • Convenient dimensions for easy handling and storage.
  • AVAILABLE SIZES - 6x6 inch, 6x8 inch, 8x10 inch, 10x12 inch, 12x16 inch.