The only talent you need to be a good artist is to have the desire to create! Practice improves your skills and your imaginative mind makes each of your artworks unique! While creativity, passion and perseverance are important qualities to have, it is equally important to have good quality art supplies! Having proper Art Materials, makes your work impressive and helps in bringing out your talent! We have curated 5 Zen Sangam Products from our wide collection that are apt for Beginner Artists and have narrowed it down to ensure that you have the best start to your Art Journey! 

5 Zen Sangam Products Every Beginner Artist Must Have!


1) Zen Sangam’s Drawing Sketchbook – 150 GSM

Typical papers may be good enough for pencil or pen sketches. But they are basic supplies and cannot handle layering and heavy designs. As a Beginner Artist, it is important for you to have all your artworks in one place so that you can visualize your progress with time. Zen Sangam’s Drawing Sketchbook is ideal for artistic purposes and has thick sheets that can perfectly handle multiple media such as Pencils, Oil Pastels, Wax Crayons, Fine Liners, Charcoal, Color Pencils and all other Dry Media Techniques! The sheets are of 150 GSM and have a beautiful Ivory Cartridge Natural Shade. Each sheet in this sketchbook has micro perforations for easy tear off. The Fine-Grained Smooth Drawing Paper is suitable for use on both sides. Invest in this sketchbook if you would like to start your Mandala Drawings, Basic Pencil Sketches or anything you wish to try with Dry Media

Zen Sangam - Dry Media - 150 GSM - Sketchbook - Spiral

A journal gives you the ultimate freedom to explore your creativity and skills! Zen Sangam’s Creative Art Bullet Journals come in 7 unique variants each of which are designed to inspire you to create! You could use it to brainstorm ideas, practice doodles, write affirmations, try out sketches, create journal spreads, plan your day, organize your personal schedule, include reminders and to-do lists, write your thoughts and paint your dreams! Each sheet is of 150 GSM, has dotted grids and is suitable for all your journaling needs! Easy on the pocket and comes with 50 Sheets in each Art Journal

Zen Sangam - Bullet Journal - 150 GSM - Inspire - Creative Journaling

If you are new to wet media and are looking for the perfect sketchbook to experiment with watercolors, acrylics, gouache, chalk paints, we have got you covered! Zen Sangam’s Spiral Watercolour Journal comes with Acid-free sheets that are suitable for all Mixed, and Wet Media Techniques. The pages have micro perforated sheets for Easy Flipping and Tear Off. The sketchbook is Compact and Convenient for Travel and Plein Air Sketches as well! The Stylish Golden Black Elastic Ribbon holds your journal in place and the spiral binding provided a flat and firm surface for you to paint and create from your heart. Several variants are available for you to check out!

Zen Sangam - Watercolour Journal - Watercolor Sketchbook - Spiral


 4) Zen Sangam’s Gouache Glued Sketchpad – 300 GSM 

Gouache is a very forgiving medium, so it’s ideal for beginners to try. The paintings you can create with gouache are endless because the medium allows you to create beautiful landscapes, skies, portraits, abstracts and so much more! Since Gouache does not need much water, a sketchbook with thick sheets, firm surface, optimal absorption and good colour reproduction is s a must! And that’s why Zen Sangam’s Gouache Sketchpad is your perfect companion! This sketchpad has Glued Sheets that are Easy to Detach and comes with a Flat Lay feature for Easy Drawing and Flipping. This sketchpad is suitable for Gouache, Tempera, Acrylics and other Mixed Media Techniques too! We have lots of option for you to choose from and you can check them out here!

 Zen Sangam - Gouache Pad - Glued - Sketchpad - Gouache


5) Zen Sangam’s Expert Watercolour Bookmark Pad – 300 GSM

Painting your own bookmarks brings so much joy and lets you create personalized gifts for yourself and your loved ones! DIY Bookmarks are easy to create and is the best place to start your Art Explorations! Zen Sangam’s Expert Watercolor Bookmark Pad comes in 3 different sizes and each have 24 glued and pre-cut bookmark sheets! We have ensured to make the entire process hassle-free and mess-free for you! These Watercolour Sheets have a Cloud Grain Surface and a Natural Ivory White Shade which provides optimal absorption of paint and water, thereby has a Minimal chance of Paper Buckling. The Sketchpad can be used for all Wet-on-Wet Techniques and makes it the ultimate choice for every artist!

Zen Sangam - Watercolour Pad - Expert Watercolor Pad - Bookmark Pad - Pre-cut - Bookmark Sheets 

We hope this article helped you understand better about investing in your first set of Art Supplies! Enjoy creating and most importantly, don't forget to have lots of fun! If you would like to explore our collection, click here to visit our website!